Wink for IOS

Wink Video Enhancer is the right tool if you own an iOS device, like as iPhone or iPad, and wish to add some more dimension. With its many excellent capabilities to improve your video, the Wink app for iPhone uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. For instance, it may add creative effects, enhance facial features, and even convert standard films to super HD.

The primary features of the Wink video editing tool for iOS devices will be covered in this lesson, along with how to edit movies with a single tap and share them with friends or the internet. Watch our videos to learn how to make them captivating and exciting so that viewers will want to watch more.



How to Install the Wink for IOS iPad or iPhone

Get Wink for your iPhone or iPad first. Search the iPhone App Store for the “Wink Video Retouching Tool for iOS.” The editors for both Wink and Pro editors will be visible when installation is complete. You may experiment with most of the primary features of the Wink app for free, but you are unable to export your creations. A wink pro membership is a timer that, in addition to unlocking one of the AI anime capabilities as a bonus, eliminates limits.

It can be loaded on your smartphone just like any other app from the store by simply tapping “Get.” Your home screen will display the Wink app icon after the download is finished. When you start it with a tap on an Apple device, the UI is incredibly straightforward and helpful.

To decide whether you’ll enjoy it enough to purchase the full edition, the free version is perfect. On your iPhone or iPad, though, you may only utilise the VIP Features three times a day in the free version.

Download Wink APK for iOS

Wink apk ios

Anti-Shake and 3D Body Reshape

Its anti-shake feature is just another level experience for someone who can’t rely on the camera recording version. Editing is made so ease that in one tap, you can reshape your body by using 3D Body reshape. Look glam, by just using a Body reshape not waiting to put down on weight.

Filters, Effects, and Fun Features

This application provides various filters and effects. Also you can add Emojis and stickers to your videos. It also offers you easy trimming of video, cropping and also merging with few simple steps. This application provides you to discover and browse different creators and follow the trend going on.


The free version of Wink for IOS is ideal if all you want to do is try out the video retouching tool for iOS devices. An every year membership is the greatest choice for the finest experience at the lowest cost if you want to use Wink with VIP unlocked features of the highest calibre.